HR Vision Statement:

The human resource department of the Legend's Mist Group aspires to establish an equilibrium between the company requirements and the well-being of the employees and partners by offering the best and the most advanced solutions and facilities.

HR Mission Statement:

We believe that we can attain excellence in performance and our group’s goal by nurturing the growth, developing the skills and enhancing the spirit of belonging and loyalty in our employees and affiliated companies.
We always strive to facilitate the best developmental opportunities for creativity and innovation and we always ensure to provide the best form of assistance at the specified time.

Mazen Radwan


Engineer Mazen Radwan is the CEO of Legend's Mist Group.
Since 2007, he has assisted in the foundation and principle development of Legend's Mist on which the group runs till date. 
A BSc in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University and a Masters in IT Management from the UK. He helped in establishing the departments of governance and social responsibility in various Saudi companies, he also worked with the management board of social responsibility as a consultant for the chamber of commerce, Jeddah in 2007.
He is a certified trainer and consultant in the field of company governance from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and he is also a certified trainer from the International Academy.

Abeer Al-Ghafeer

VP-HR Div.

Ms. Abeer Al-Ghafeer joined the human resource department of the company in 2007. She actively developed human resource policies and strategies for the group and the sister companies.
She is keen on personal development and the development of the group’s human resource department.
She gradually leads various positions and is now working as a Human Resource general manager since 2015, and vice presedent-HR departments in 2018. She currently manages the human resources departments of our sister and partner companies.

Ali Asel

VP-Financial Div.

Mr. Ali Asel joined the group since its foundation in 2007 as an accountant initially before achieving the designation of the head of the finance department.
He became the financial manager of the Legend's Mist Group in 2015, and vice presedent- financial department in 2018. He is among the founders of the group’s finance department, he actively participated in setting up the financial policies and transactions.
He worked in many areas and gathered a big experience in the commercial financial dealings.

Tariq Abuthrayya

Chief Accountant

Master of Financial Management, experience in financial matters and accounts for more than 15 years, best working as a team.

Mohammed Bin Hassan


Mr.Mohammed Bin Hassan joined the group in 2018 and holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting. Mr. Mohammed speciality is in accounting and financial auditing. He is well experienced in accounting.

Khaled ali ahmed alzahrani

Government Relations Supervisor

Mr. Khaled ali ahmed alzahrani joined the group in 2018. He Graduated from the General Secondary Department of Literature on 4/6/2003, 



Sultan Hassan Ali Al Shehri

Government Relations Specialist

Mr.SULTAN HASSAN ALI AL SHEHRI joined the group in 2018 having 13 years of public and business relations experience.

Abdul Rahman Khaled Bakwasa

HR Supervisor

Mr.Abdul Rahman Khaled Bakwasa joined the LMC group in 2018. He completed Bachelor of Science from the Faculty of Economics and Administration in Business Administration (Human Resources Management) from King Abdulaziz University. He holds several courses in human resources on the SAP program.


Our Partners

Ahmed Al-Nahari

Pre-Sales Specialist (ICON)

A Bachelor of Management Information System, Mr. Ahmed joined ICON (Sister company) in 2017 as a Pre-Sales Specialist.

Mahmoud Bassam Mahmoud Al-Mutabbakani

Electrical Engineer Power and Machine (ATE)

Eng. Mahmoud Bassam Mahmoud Al-Mutabbakani graduated from King Abdulaziz University with honors and a degree of excellence and works as an Assistant Project Manager for Advanced Technology for Energy. He completed Certified Designer for Solar Systems from Saudi Electricity Company. Applied a PDP at TTE Technical training Group in Middlesbrough, UK. sponsored by the Saudi Council of Engineers.